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The End of Schema Ratings Spam in Google SERPs

When Google announced that the new SERP snippets were to be customisable for various search results, this particularly excited SEO professionals, as this allowed space for enhancing your website results with schema, microformats, or the Google Search Console markup tool.

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Is Facebook Dead?

Everyone knows Facebook as a fun website where you can catch up with friends and share photos and posts to the world. It started as the original place to make friends. Nowadays, some people say that it has become almost a clickbait with its multitude of paid articles and advertisements.

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What is SEO and How It Works for Businesses?

  If you like to know what is SEO and how it works for your business to grow? Below, we have given the details briefly, which can help you to figure out the following information: What is SEO? How does it work? Factors that influence SEO Optimization White Hat SEO Vs. Black Hat SEO With […]

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