What is organic marketing and why is it so important in the digital world?

Organic marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to build your company’s brand awareness and audience. In addition, it is super inexpensive, even free, so if you are starting a new business, organic marketing will be a great way to start advertising and attract the attention of customers.

Social media makes it easier for businesses to engage with their potential and existing customers. When creating a campaign, you can select your target audience according to age, gender, location, language and other factors. All of this can be achieved with either minimum expenses or no expenses at all.

By using organic marketing, users can find your business page through blogs and relevant posts on social media. In order to make your message as effective as possible, you will need to use keywords on your blog or website.


Why do we need to do keyword research?

Search engine optimisation is a powerful and useful strategy, with the keyword research tool resulting in more directions to your website. Once browsing with the tool, your main content could include general keyword searches or questions. However, it is extremely important as marketers must know what people are searching for and things they are interested in. Without including relevant keywords and content, your blogs or posts might not resonate with your target audience. In order to achieve the best results, it is wise to include as many keywords as possible, giving you the greatest chance to succeed and achieve your aims and objectives, as a business.



Instagram has a total of 1 billion active users every month, which is a great opportunity for businesses to interact with new and existing customers. As this social media platform is all about visualisation, you will need to be a little bit more creative in order to interact with your customers. Creating interesting content is only half of the work, as users often solely rely on the visual aspect of each post. Your company needs to understand how to create “the right” type of post, including creative and catchy photos or banners.


5 Tips for How to Use Instagram for your Business

  1. Know your audience! One of the most important parts of advertising is to know and understand your audience in order to achieve great results.

  2. Talk to your audience! Create a personal bond with your followers, as this creates a personal connection and your customer will feel valued and appreciated.

  3. Don’t be afraid to use hashtags! Make sure you are using the right hashtags for your posts. You don’t have to use 100 hashtags in order to achieve the results, instead between 1-10 relevant and useful hashtags.

  4. Know the right time! People often make mistakes posting at certain times. According to statistics, the best time to post on Instagram is between 2-3pm on a weekday. However, it all depends on your business. Do some good research before posting anything on social media!

  5. Use Instagram stories! These are a great way to interact with your audience. Create interesting content for your followers, personalise it and make sure you are consistent!



In order to create interesting and catchy content for your audience on Facebook, you need to be consistent with your posts. If you want to attract more people, you need to know your audience; after this, you can create content that will be interesting for your followers.


5 Tips for How to Use Facebook for your Business

  1. Go live! This way, you create a special community where you can easily interact with your audience. Talk about products and people can ask you questions or you can create just general discussions.

  2. Use creative images and videos! Similar to Instagram, the more fascinating content with catchy pictures or videos, the more likely that people will click on it. Make sure you create unique content and don’t post anything that someone can just easily Google themselves.

  3. Focus on engagements! Those are actions that people make on your page, such as likes, shares and comments.

  4. Keep it short! Even though Facebook has a limit of 63,206 characters for a post, it doesn’t mean you have to use the full word count. Keep it short and interesting; most people don’t like to read long articles.

  5. Quality over quantity! If you feel like you don’t have brilliant content at the moment, don’t post something just for posting sake, as it will not create the engagements you are looking for.



There are 126 million daily users on Twitter, and if you are producing successful organic marketing on Twitter, you are on the right track. It is an amazing way to engage with your clients and promote your products and services. Just bear in mind that Twitter only allows 140 words per post, so keep it short and keep it engaging.


5 Tips for How to Use Twitter for your Business

  1. Check your engagements! Don’t just post, leave it and forget. Make sure you reply to your audience and keep them interested.

  2. Create a unique bio! It goes just below your profile picture, so it has to be catchy and creative. People who visit your page for the first time need to be interested, so creating a unique bio will help and definitely pay off.

  3. Make sure you post at the right times! As it is all depends on the type of your business, it is easy to find out what people are searching and looking for at specific times.

  4. Tweet often! Consistency is the key on any social media platforms; people like to follow business who post more frequently. However, don’t overdo it, as customers can unfollow your account if you are posting every 15 minutes.

  5. Make sure you reply! It is very annoying for customers when questions are ignored, and it is most likely they will go and get the product or service from elsewhere.



Linkedin is a great social media platform to reach mostly working professionals or businesses. The platform provides a great opportunity for people to connect with each other. It is mainly used to advertise jobs and services, but you can also just connect with people who are in a similar work field as you.


5 Tips for How to Use LinkedIn for your Business

  1. Use Linkedin Live! It is pretty much similar to all other social media platforms, and it is powerful as you can engage with people in real time.

  2. Make sure you comment! It is no secret that customers who leave comments or questions would like to be contacted as soon as possible. Just a simple answer will do, you don’t have to complicate things.

  3. Tag people you know! If you would like to interact with new people or find someone in a similar work field, tag people you know as this will help in the future.

  4. Use appropriate hashtags! If you use them correctly, they can help people easily find your page and become a customer or engage with your post.

  5. Post content frequently! If you are going to post once a month, people will lose interest quite quickly. So make sure you post at least 1-2 times a week if you want your followers to grow.



In conclusion, if you are still unsure why or how to use organic marketing, just try it! Social media has so many wonderful, useful tools and platforms for your business. If you read everything we have talked about above, hopefully you probably have already made a decision regarding your social organic marketing. It is free, it is effective and it really works!

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