Social media is a massive part of marketing. In the modern industry, is very important for businesses to use social media. It not only spreads their message to improve brand awareness but also brings people together for interaction. Social media is effective for both B2B and B2C campaigns to attract customers and business services alike.

Do you ever think about the past and how businesses operated?

It was a very time-consuming, costly and outdated process. At present, we have better technology services to share, promote and attract new business. Before social media became so prevalent, the main form of advertising was through print. Magazines, newspapers, billboards, and traditional media services such as TV and radio were the main methods.

Some businesses still prefer to use more traditional methods in their marketing strategy. It has been shown that 50% of small businesses do not use social media in 2019. They explain the reason for this being that it is not relevant for their industry. However, social media posts, both paid and organic, can reach as many as 1 billion people, many of whom could be potential customers. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases for small businesses who have been in the market for decades, they refuse to change. Marketing and advertising strategies are changing constantly; every month even. It can be very difficult for owners to adapt to change so frequently, and this could explain why so many businesses fail in the first 3 years.

Statistics vary greatly on this subject, but some suggest that approximately 20% of start-up businesses fail in their first year. This can be due to lack of marketing and market research, as well as demanding budgets. Through organic marketing, social media can help to boost your business for free, gaining you a slow-paced but loyal customer audience over a long period.

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So, how can social media help your business?

There are many wonderful things that social media can do for your business, whether local or global. We have written a few tips for organic marketing that seem insignificant but actually go a long way to make a difference.

If you choose Instagram to build awareness for your brand, you must use a little imagination and creativity. To interact with customers for B2C marketing, or other businesses for B2B marketing, make your content interesting! It needs to stay relevant for your target audience and objectives. You may want to use a charismatic, humorous or informative tone in your posts, depending on the stance of your business. For Instagram in particular, catchy images are a good way to engage with your audience. Your audience can like, comment on or share your posts to their page, which makes it easier to interact with people with similar interests.

Another great way to get to know your audience is by asking questions! Try to find out what product or service your customers wants or needs, and these answers may inspire your future business strategy. It is a good idea to post differing content on each social media channel; this way, you can tailor the content based on a specific audience. For example, Facebook users look for more informative story-telling posts, Instagram users are impressed by high-quality visuals, and Twitter users may appreciate short and humorous snippets.

Hashtags are an underrated but effective method of marketing. Hashtags allow your posts to be visible to all users on each platform and does not restrict your content to your followers. In general, the more hashtags you use, the more chance it will reach and be recognised by a larger audience. However, there are optimal numbers for each social media channel, and you don’t want to overdo it. To build better connections, it is better to use a small optimal number of hashtags to attract a steady following. We do not want your posts to come across as spam!

Increasing brand awareness through social media will give you more chances of success in your business. The benefits we have listed are just a few tips to get you started; the list is endless. Social media is so much more than just pretty pictures and silly messages. It can really give your business a boost and help you to gain insight from an outside perspective.

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