If you can make the combination of burgers and lobsters a successful dining experience, you know how to run a business. And the team behind Burger & Lobster knew that its customers always need to feel excited about visiting its restaurants no matter the time and place. We spend an average of three hours a day on social media. So it was vital to Burger & Lobster that its platforms made people drool with excitement.

Burger & Lobster


Assemble’s clients love what they do and Burger & Lobster are no different. They didn’t want a creative agency to reinvent the wheel. They wanted a partner who knows how great their restaurant is and knows how to show it off on social media. We know that more time spent with your brand increases the chances of a relationship developing with the customer. So Assemble created fun and addictive gamification content on social media to get users returning to Burger & Lobster channels. Assemble studied Burger & Lobster tone of voice to ensure the personality of the brand was consistent across all social media channels. Our distinctive voice meant Burger & Lobster was instantly recognisable with our amazing content. Assemble’s data analysts guaranteed that all our social advertising was reaching customers most likely to visit Burger & Lobster. You can create the perfect marketing campaign, but your money’s wasted if it’s not reaching the right audience

Burger & Lobster Solution


Here are a few of the fantastic results we have achieved to date.

  • 20MillionAd impressions in london
  • 10PointAd awareness lift
  • 30%Increase inOnline bookings
Burger And Lobster | Assemble digital provides digital marketing services for burger and lobster

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