iPhotography is the provider of one the worlds most in demand online courses for all things photography. Using a mix of email and referral marketing to date, Assemble was approached to provide a growth strategy for SEO marketing and social ads. Online courses are one of the most competitive niches in eCommerce and defining the right platforms and tactics are key to keeping your ROAS positive.

Iphotography | Data driven foundations to scale your business online


Without any discernible approach to reporting and lacking any tracking across the funnel, Assembles first job was to close that gap in insight. Our digital analytics team mapped a complex eCommerce funnel and developed naming conventions to then implement tracking across a customisable data layer. Working with the client to understand their KPI’s we designed and built a Google Data Studio dashboard to visualise iPhotography’s eCommerce funnel in high fidelity.

Iphotography | Data insights to scale your business online


Digital analytics has truly helped transform iPhotography’s insights into their business, particularly around their revenue stream traffic sources, customer journeys and the touchpoints and bottlenecks that can be improved on.

Iphotography | Assemble digital provides data analytics to scale your business online

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