New concept events have no history or loyal customers in the regions they visit. That makes your online marketing responsible for the success of your idea. But the team behind the international Jurassic Kingdom festival didn’t want to just play it safe in one area. They wanted to launch a new festival showcasing dinosaurs in five different cities across the UK and Europe. That approach is high cost, high reward, and high risk. So a digital SEO agency that can launch one-off events wasn’t enough. Jurassic Kingdom needed a partner with proven experience generating excitement for a festival time and again.

Creative agency in UK and Sweden


The demographic most likely to buy tickets to Jurassic Kingdom was families and youth organisations. We built audiences of similar interests to family focused events and products to begin prospecting. Assemble’s expert team of data analysts partnered with our experienced copywriters to design targeted ad campaigns across social and SEO. Our work increased conversion rates on the platforms by 30% and led to sales across 5 cities and two countries of 250,000 tickets.

Jurassic Kingdom | Assemble digital provides digital marketing support to them


Here are a few of the fantastic results we have achieved to date.

  • 300kTicketsSold globally
  • 8*8 xRoas
  • 70MillionAd reach
Best facebook ad agency in UK and Sweden

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