When you host a pop-up event, you have one chance to sell tickets or your business can fail for good. And as if that isn’t enough pressure, imagine trying to promote a festival that no one has heard of. That was the challenge facing the Magical Lantern Festival. The company’s owners wanted to bring new exhibits and beautiful light installations to people of all backgrounds. And they wanted to start in London, where customers aren’t short of attractions. So how do you build excitement and draw crowds to an event that’s never taken place?

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Assemble knew that while a new and untested festival concept with 50,000 tickets to sell created pressure for the festival’s owners, it created opportunities online. The website content associated with this festival was particularly attention grabbing and perfect for a social ad campaign. Aligning that thumb stopping content with messaging that created a sense of urgency and targeting that was agile, responsive and data backed proved a winner. This strategy continued to define our content and the excitement we generated helped the festival expand to over 5 cities in the UK and sell upwards of 250,000 tickets. Our expert data analysts performed market research and customer analysis to boost conversion rates on social media by 30%. Assemble also developed specially-designed flash sales to build a sense of urgency for ticket sales and deliver a profitable Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS).

Magical Lantern | Web marketing services in UK and Sweden


Here are a few of the fantastic results we have achieved to date.

  • 250kTicketsSold across the Uk
  • 10.8 xRoas
  • 100MillionThruplay video Views
Magical Lantern | Web design service in UK and Sweden

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