Meadow is a leading menswear store headquartered in Malmo. The brand was already loved by its customers in Sweden, but the time had come to expand its global presence through the revolution that is e-commerce. Meadow’s owners knew how important data is to the survival of stores entering new markets online. They understood that having the data wasn't enough. A successful business must know how to apply its findings to best promote your brand and sell your products. Expansion is exciting for a company. However new markets, new customers and new competitors also present risks that can take your time and money. That’s why Meadow teamed up with a digital agency to help harness its data and maximise the company’s chances of success.

Meadow | E-commerce Platform


Assemble built Meadow a custom designed analytics dashboard so the company could easily understand its sales performance by it’s marketing data. Organic traffic was the most valuable channel available to Meadow so Assemble conducted keyword research, competitor analysis by country and performed a technical SEO audit of the Shopify website to improve its performance and accessibility in line with Google’s lighthouse report.

Meadow | E-commerce purchase


Here are a few of the fantastic results we have achieved to date.

  • 200%Increase inSales generated from organic traffic (2020 Vs 2021)
Meadow | Assemble Digital is the best e-commerce analytics provider in UK and Sweden

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