The Mindful Workplace Community was setup to become the professional community for individuals and organisations who champion, commission and deliver workplace mindfulness training. Users can sign-up to a paid account and become a member to establish connections, collaborate and share insights, access curated resources and use discounted entry to top events. The problem was, that idea is all the company had. So the Mindful Workplace Community needed an agency that could design and develop a digital product that delivered on the concept.

Mindfulness Workplace | Digital Agency in Uk and Sweden
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It begins with defining the product requirements, working by our discovery process with the client we began by mapping the user stories and researching UX for similar systems. Mindful Workplace didn’t have a brand or image so we developed from the ground up a new brand identity with fonts, colours and tone of voice which gave us the foundation for the products UI. As an MVP with cost a key concern the client opted for the world renowned CMS Wordpress. Our web agency boosted its capabilities with third party system integrations such as Stripe, Mailchimp, and Eventbrite to provide the high level functions without the burden of cost and development time to achieve that. Understanding, editing and organising the functionality based around each user type was key for creating an efficient and intuitive website that professionals will actually want to use and engage with.

Mindfulness Workplace | Web development service in UK and Sweden
Mindfulness website


The platform has helped Mindfulness Workplace grow their subscriber base by 2000% plus launch a number of highly successful events. With consistently growing traffic, the site is stable and dependable and is intrinsic to Mindfulness Workplace as they grow into a market leader in their sector.

Mindfulness Workplace | Web design service in UK and Sweden
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