Noeola is a Danish business that sources and sells exquisite kilim rugs. Based in the prestigious Frederiksberg district in Copenhagen and already hugely popular as a shopping destination, with customers traveling from all over Denmark to come and see what delights Noeola has to offer. Assemble was approached to work with Noeola to design and build a digital ecommerce experience that translated the warmth and ambience customers would encounter on a visit to the showroom.

Noeola | TikTok Advertising Agency


To start this project off we ran a series of collaborative workshops and in depth interviews where we defined who their key stakeholders are, what their business strategy and goals were and how we could help Noeola build a platform that helped scale the business online while retaining the in-store ‘experience’. This helped to define a new user experience strategy, which we fleshed out with collaborative sketches and prototypes. They already had a logo mark, but we needed to extend out the brand language to be more effective across digital platforms, and reflect the organisation’s exciting future vision. With our lean but effective approach, we examined their existing brand elements, deciding what to keep, what to lose and what to gain, and from there we developed out an organic, evolving collection of assets, concepts and rules that could grow and adapt with them. We introduced new bold colours, font pairings, patterns and icons and this all fed into the design of the new website. From a UX perspective we needed to create a system that was easy for anyone at Noeola to use, to keep content fresh and updated.

Noeola | Digital marketing services in UK and Sweden


The changes we have made to the Noeola website vastly improved the user experience and interface, making it much more fluid and targeted. It is much easier for visitors to navigate their way around the website, with a higher chance of finding a rug that suits their requirements. Integrating ecommerce using Shopify has helped drive additional sales while not devaluing the in-store shopping experience. As a web marketing company, we made sure best practice technical SEO was in place and the site was optimised for accessibility and fast loading speeds.

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