Onto are a fast growing start-up launched in 2017 as Evezy, who have recently achieved series B investment and now own the largest electric car fleet in the UK. An innovative concept of car ownership through car subscription that has truly disrupted the automotive industry. Assemble has been part of that journey from its beginnings and we really get what a start-up needs from a digital partner. We quickly identified areas of high value on search and social for Onto’s objectives both from an investment and a customer acquisition perspective.

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At Assemble we know how to get a startup growing. With Onto, that meant growing awareness and visibility that car subscriptions were a cost effective and flexible alternative to traditional leasing or car finance. Forming a strategy for digital marketing our teams analysed competitors and trends defining target keywords and immediately launched search ad campaigns to compliment our SEO efforts. We optimised Onto’s website from a technical perspective and established quick loading times, mobile-friendly pages and no broken links or crawl errors. Content is king when it comes to organic and Assemble crafted content for Onto that closed any gaps with their keyword competitors. Like many successful start ups the business concept is new but effective, we knew social ads had high potential for Onto and Assemble set up and managed prospecting campaigns to both build awareness and acquire new customers as Onto scaled through seed, series A and series B investment. With investors reporting is key and so is sensible decision making, Assemble developed custom digital analytics dashboards, which gave the team at Onto easy access to the metrics they needed for investors but also helped them make data backed decisions, which have proven highly effective.

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Here are a few of the fantastic results we have achieved to date.

  • 10Number of1-3 google position for target keywords
  • 300%Growth inSubscribers
  • 2Million95% Video Views
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