Steinway & Sons is a 168 year old company and very confident in its approach to commerce and of course for good reason, not many companies last a century or more. With the world changing events brought on by Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/21, Steinway had to think about new ways to engage customers that now couldn’t visit their showrooms. Steinway’s products are high value items and the company had not engaged with eCommerce, the time had come to change that and Assemble were asked to help devise an eCommerce solution to begin that process.

Steinway And Sons | Web marketing services in UK and Sweden


This was a new venture for Steinway and it made sense to begin by developing a prototype where we could test the solution and gather data and feedback before we moved further with increased investment. We kicked off with a series of sessions with stakeholders to define the overarching project goals, identify key user personas, and map the entire customer journey from awareness all the way through to sale. Again balancing the client’s need to invest proportionally with a prototype, we developed a simple e-commerce solution, which provided the key functionality, but at minimal cost.

Web marketing services in UK and Sweden


Using this approach to develop a prototype to test a business concept has proven the right move. Steinway is now selling pianos online and can now see that the ecommerce route can work for luxury products as well. We are currently in the process of further development to help Steinway take advantage of this new frontier and further scale their business online.

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