A large festival brand had been using established ticketing platforms to provide ticketing for its portfolio of festivals. This meant the business was using a system that was not customised to their specific requirements but still meant regularly paying booking fees on hundreds of thousands of tickets. Tickekpod felt efficiencies could be achieved by developing its own bespoke and proprietary ticketing platform. Assemble were approached to help ideate, design, create content and develop this new product.

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Starting this project with an in-depth research process of competing ticket platforms helped us identify core requirements and also bottlenecks that could be avoided in our design. We then carried out a series of discovery workshops with the clients customer team and mapped the user journeys and stories to further develop the products architecture around the clients particular business needs. We made sure to involve the ticketpod team when making the call on which approach, micro-services or monolithic, best suited their ambitions. Integrating with payment gateways and developing data visualization that gave the ticketpod team the instant insights they needed to make data backed decisions. As with all our developments the site was optimised for SEO: accessibility, performance and creating content as a focus.

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Client made instant savings of £250k on booking fees on their next festival rollout. The product put the client in the driving seat to manage customer experience around ticketing bespoke to their own requirements and with the flexibility they needed. As time was a particular pressure we assembled the tech stack and developed the MVP within 3 months.

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