Tileyard Education is a cutting edge institution for further education in music. Offering BA and MA degrees in a variety of music disciplines. In a competitive market, which Tileyard Education sought to disrupt with their extremely close connections to the music industry and based in one of the UK’s music industry hubs - Tileyard Studios. Assemble, as a digital agency were approached to develop a search and social ad strategy to increase visibility amongst the target audience and to help improve the ROAS overall online.

Tileyard Education | Social media services in UK and Sweden


An important factor during campaign set up is the importance of audience insights. To ensure this wasn’t overlooked we utilised Facebook and Google analytics for extensive competitor analysis which enabled us to plan highly effective, strategic audiences. As a result, we have developed a range of audiences for each of the campaigns that address the different demographics who aspire to higher education.. Each audience set had tailored ad copy and creative to ensure that they resonate with the brand and our messaging.

Tileyard Education | Facebook advertising agency and services in UK and Sweden


Here are a few of the fantastic results we have achieved to date.

  • CPCReduced by70% (2017-2018)
  • 40.6 XRoas
  • 88%Conversion rateIncreased(2017-2018)
Tileyard Education | E-commerce agency in UK and Sweden

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